About Wing Systems

Who Are These Guys?

Wing Systems was founded over 20 years ago to design and produce high-performance sailboards and other small craft. We were at the cutting edge of the sailboard business in its early days, working with such pioneers as Gordon Robbins. We still do some board development for those who want it, but production players largely dominate the sailboard business at this point. Wing Systems has broadened its focus over the years to produce the full line of small craft represented in these pages, as well as a variety of development projects intended to push the boundaries of naval architecture.

The Wing Systems Management Team

President - Chief Designer

Diana worked in the research group at the Sparkman & Stephens, Naval Architects, on early VPP (velocity prediction program) models and other computer-based performance analysis products. She has developed a variety of early long boards for windsurfing, and was an early board member of the U.S. Boardsailing Association (now known as U.S. Windsurfing). Diana is the holder of a variety of U.S. patents, and is an experienced offshore cruising sailor.

Skip Barker Manager, Special Projects

Experienced sailor, ocean racer.

Ken Kirkland Chief Engineer

Experienced high-performance racing dinghy and catamaran sailor.

Patricia Evans Office Manager

Patricia runs the office, and is the first voice you're likely to hear on the phone. She can help with ordering small craft and accessories, as well as making sure you get your boat and we get your money.

Product Development Consultants

  • Gordon Robbins

    An early partner in Wing Systems, Gordon worked with Diana on long board development and on the U.S. Boardsailing Assn., of which he is also a former director. An avid fisherman, sailor, windsurfer, and snowboarder, Gordon currently takes time off from his activities as a snowboarding pioneer to test various Wing Systems small craft for fishing and paddling.

  • Mark Hildesley, P.E.

    A materials engineer and naval architect, Mark is currently director of Materials Optimisation Ltd. Previously a principal in Green Star Consulting and a former project manager at Southern Spars in New Zealand, he works with Wing Systems on patent development for our Experimental Wing System dynamic lift project, which can be seen in our development section.

  • Peter Wallace, N.A.

    Peter, a naval architect with BG, is president of Knickerbocker Maritime. He consults with Wing Systems on patent development for the Experimental Wing System project.

  • Penn Berens, MBA

    An experienced offshore sailor, yacht broker, racing coach, US Sailing certified instructor, and licensed USCG Captain, Penn has been involved with developing sales and marketing plans for Wing Systems boats, as well as a variety of other projects over time.

  • Charles Lindner

    A consulting engineer formerly with Grumman Aerospace, Charlie has been involved in solving a variety of fabrication and design problems with Wing Systems. If it didn't fit when we first built it, Charlie helped figure out why and how to make it fit the next time.

  • Peter Kallman

    Dinghy Project Engineer & Test Pilot

    Pete applies years of experience as a dinghy sailor, ocean racer, and yacht rigger. He has worked for Doyle Sails, building sails and deck hardware systems, and has training in materials science from SUNY Stonybrook.