Light 18 Electric Crew Tender

Light 18 Electric Catamaran Preview

The L18 at the Pittsburgh River Rally

Green Hull Technology

Green Hull Technology

Low Impact Green Hull Technology (Light) is the heart of the Light 18. Wing Systems' proprietary hull design minimizes wake without sacrificing maneuverability, stability or speed.

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Light 18 Low Impact Crew Tender

Efficient Operations

By embracing the change to electric power, your organization is free from the hidden costs of gas outboards.

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Deep Blue from Torqeedo

Layout & Specs

The Light 18 sports a comfortable center console with leaning post mounted on state-of-the-art catamaran hulls.

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'The Light 18 developed by Wing Systems and powered by Torqeedo is the sustainable crew coaching launch against which all others will be judged and found wanting...'
Low wake, Low noise, Zero Emissions