Efficient Operations

By embracing the change to electric power, your organization is free from the hidden costs of gas outboards.

Free from Gas

  • No gas, oil, starting fluid
  • No time spent cleaning up oily boat
  • No incidental oil spills or gas drips
  • No trips to the gas station
  • No maintenance
  • No clogged impellers
  • No rusty / leaky gas cans
  • No gas fumes
  • No broken pull cords
  • Light 18 starts every time

Fixed vs Variable Costs

Gas prices are uncertain.  By comparison the cost of electricity is both low and stable. Torqeedo electric motors last on average two to three times longer than a typical gas outboard motor.  The batteries are guaranteed for years of safe operation.  Torqeedo motors require almost no regular maintenance. Fixed cost boating is within reach and Wing Systems is pleased to arrange a financing program to meet the needs of any organization.
Simplify budgets and planning

Unrestricted Access

Every year legislative pressure to eliminate pollution on rivers, lakes and reservoirs reduces the number of prime rowing venues available to crews with gas powered launches.  The Light 18 low impact crew tender is pollution free, insuring access even as waters become more tightly regulated.
To go where no one has gone...