Wind Propulsion and Sail Assist


A fourth application of our experimental wing system is that of an A-frame rig to a large single or multi hull vessel. We have completed large scale model tests which indicate the possibility of significant fuel savings in motor sailing mode. The possible benefit of sail power as a percentage of total power required for propulsion of a motor sailing vessel increases inversely with the operating speed/length ratio of the vessel. Further testing awaits refinement of rig details and development of a standardized procedure for expansion of performance data.

Further potential benefits of the A-frame rig configuration shown here are a geometrically rigid structure that ties into the ship's hull form while keeping decks clear for cargo handling and a sailing geometry that provides some measure of dynamic stability and damping of motion in a seaway.

REFERENCE U.S. Patent No. 6,341,571

Specific aspects of design and operation are discussed in further detail in the patent disclosure. Please contact Wing Systems for further information on applications or licensing.